Discover the diversity of our high-quality by-products:


Sawdust – fresh and dry:

Our sawdust is not only a by-product but also a valuable raw material. Whether fresh or dried, it is used in various applications. From use as litter in animal husbandry through to energy-related use, our sawdust offers sustainable solutions for various needs.

Wood chips – dry:

Our dry wood chips are created as a by-product in our value creation chain and are mainly needed as a fuel in biomass power stations to generate thermal and electrical energy.

With our by-products, we would like to not only minimise waste but also offer sustainable solutions for various industries.

Wood briquettes:

We also press wood briquettes from the resulting sawdust. They are a compact fuel and offer an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat rooms. With a high calorific value and low moisture content, they burn cleanly and produce little ash.

Wood briquettes are easy to store, transport and handle, making them a practical choice for heating and fireplaces.

Production of wood briquettes and wood chips