The strategic position as a key to success


With our company headquarters in the heart of Europe and within close proximity to the wood types that we require, combined with our expert knowledge, we are able to represent a logical, regional value creation chain for our customers.

Focus only on first-class logs

Every tree trunk cut down in winter is personally handled and carefully classified by our team. At MIRAKO, sustainability takes centre stage: we exclusively obtain our logs from PEFC-certified sources.

Diverse range of logs:

Our product range comprises logs in the varieties ash, oak, maple, beech, lime and alder. On request, we also offer various hardwoods and other specialties. The logs are sorted personally according to your individual quality and measurement requirements.

Veneer quality and more

Our product range is rounded off with high-quality logs that are specifically intended for the production of veneers. We set the highest standards to fulfil the requirements of our customers when it comes to quality and versatility.