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A wonderful material


Wood, a unique and versatile material, is characterised by its vitality. Yet this natural dynamism, which arises due to ageing and moisture absorption and release, can sometimes bring challenges with it. We use the innovative method of thermal modification to control the characteristics of wood and transform it into a reliable material.

Utilising new technology

The application of thermal treatment makes it possible to heat timber over a period of 50 to 90 hours, reaching temperatures of over 200°C in the short term. This targeted heating changes the cell structure of the wood and leads to a significant reduction in water absorption and the equilibrium moisture content. The resulting swelling and shrinkage is reduced by an impressive 70%. At the same time, bacteria and fungi that break down wood lose their nutritional basis, as hemicellulose – short-chain sugar components – is broken down.

The thermal treatment gives the wood not only significantly increased durability and dimensional stability but also new, exotic colours. These are created through the temperature alone, without the use of chemical processes or additives. Our environmentally sound approach is also reflected in the sustainable production of the thermal energy required.

Ecologically sound innovation

Our biomass heating systems, fueled with waste wood from our own saw mill, generate the necessary heat for the thermal process. Four high-temperature plants of different sizes work without any additives and are closely monitored with temperature sensors. Our commitment to sustainability is also evident in the 100% use of internal material (waste wood, bark, etc.) to fire the plant.

The result is clear to see

The wood is transformed naturally right down to its core. Its increased flexibility and stability open up new possible uses. Thanks to the significantly reduced swelling and shrinkage, it is perfect as a building material for areas where humidity varies.

A strong character for many areas of application

  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Wall and ceiling panels
  • Windows
  • Façades
  • Patio decking

The thermal treatment opens up various creative possibilities and makes the wood an outstanding material for a wide range of applications.